Artist Statement

One of my favourite ways to work is connecting a hands-on approach with creating images with my camera. I do this by experimenting with alternative processes in the darkroom, mixed media collage, digital processing, and fabricating scenes for photographs.

Being behind the camera lens allows me to observe and capture. Traditional art making and working with my hands gives me a mindful sense of the process. My work is produced through this harmony. 

I spent my childhood moving around New Brunswick. With this influence, my work tends to find its way back to themes of nostalgia, home life, and observations of the everyday. I often photograph details of everyday living scenarios, common objects, places, urban landscapes and structures. I’m drawn to compositions that highlight shape, form and interesting symmetry.

I’m interested in not only documenting as a means of observing but interpreting the mundane differently. This is the thread that travels through all of my work and ties it together.