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Artist Statement

One of my favourite ways to work is connecting hands-on making with photography. I do this through experimentation with alternative photographic processes, collage, digital processing and crafting. The outcomes are often mixed media pieces using digital methods, analogue methods or both in conjunction with each other. My handmade wares are often a contemporary take on familiar crafts from childhood.

By using my camera as a tool, I can observe and capture what exists before me. Hands-on and traditional making gives me a mindful sense of process. My work is produced through this harmony. 

​I was raised relocating from town to city around New Brunswick. With this influence, my work tends to find its way back to themes of nostalgia, home life, and observations of the everyday. I feel a need to capture, document and collect. I often photograph common objects, places, urban landscapes and structures. I’m interested in the way common observations connect us. I welcome the viewer to find their own personal meaning in the imagery that is often somewhere between familiarity and anonymity.

Artist Statement: About
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